2018 7/16 "Hodobuzz" launched Kickstarter campaign. kck.st/2u8rx8o

I joined in this TV series as a cast, but this time, I support Hodobuzz project as a member of team.

So please Check this link. You can enjoy some photos and footages of Hodobuzz.

2017 4/7 Some updates about my job. This is a Gillette commercial of me. Directer is Matt Peidmont. His creativity surprised me so much on set.

And lead actress is Elain Tan. She was one of the great screen actors. 


2015/2/7 "Man From Reno" is officially nominated into the John Cassavetes Award (Best Feature Film under a budget of $500K)

at Independent Spirit Award. Follow our website. This film is still going on the adventure!! http://www.manfromrenomovie.com/

2014/12/29 "Man From Reno" also won the Best Narrative Award or Best Outstanding narrative Award at 15th San Siego Asian Film Festival,

and 12th Tallgrass International Film Festival. And invited to "Fantastic Fest 2014"! Congrats!! Hornorable!!

2014/7/28 "MAN FROM RENO" got the Best Asian American Narrative at the competition of 13th Asian Film Fest of Dallas!!

I wish this film could go around the world,and Japan. Thank you very much,AFFD!  http://asianfilmdallas.com/

2014/6/23 "MAN FROM RENO" got the Best Narrative Award at the competition of 20th LA FILM FESTIVAL.

I couldn't believe that until I saw this photo at http://www.lafilmfest.com/

Thank you very much for Dave,Rich,Mye,Pepe,Ayako,Elisha,and all of cast and crew!!!!


2014 5/10 ''MAN FROM RENO'' goes to the 20 th LA FILM FESTIVAL, Competition!! I'm proud of our crews and casts.

Let's join us!! June 15th World Premiere,at Regal Cinemas 9 ,6:40 p.m.!! Thank you very much.    Tetsuo

2013 5/12 ''Abigail Harm'' got the Grand Jury Prize and the Best Director at the 29th LA Asian Pacific Film Festival.

Thank you for every staff of Abigail Harm and LAAPFF.

2013 5/1 I worked at ''Man From Reno'' directed by Dave Boyle as a supporting. This film was made at San Francisco.

I can't wait to see that! Thank you very much for Man From Reno's crew! http://www.facebook.com/ManfromRenoFilm?fref=ts

2013 4/1 ''Abigail Harm'' is nominated at Narrative section of Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in May 2-12.

I hope it goes well at the theater in Hollywood. Thank you very much! http://asianfilmfestla.org/2013/

2013 3/27 ''Abigail Harm'' Pacific Arts Movement spring showcase in San Diego April  18-25.

section of Asian American Panolama http://pac-arts.org/  I will try to go to the screening. Please see our movie!!

2013 2/18 ''Abigail Harm'' CAAM Fest in San Francisco March 14-24 2013 section of Narrative

I will go there if I could. I'm proud of that.  http://caamedia.org/

2012 11/27 Now, 『Abigail Harm』 in Torino Film Festival. It's a very great news for me.

Thank you very much!  http://www.torinofilmfest.org/?action=schedule&filtersection=1146

2012 10/26 Thank you for coming ''Abigail Harm'' and meeting me in Busan.

I will make efforts to make films as an actor whenever I could get chance.

2012 10/4  Abigail Harm is showing in Busan on Oct 5th,7th,9th,10th(NO Q&A). Please enjoy it if you could be in Busan.


2012 10/2  I am so excited. Because I am going to Busan International Film Festival with Abigail Harm.

Thak you very much for everyone!!

2012/1/1 Happy new year!! I will work very hard this year too.

2011/11/7 I acted in ABIGAIL HARM(Directed by Lee Isaac Chung) opposite from lead actress Amanda Plummer.

Amanda Plummer Tetsuo Kuramoch   Will Patton Burt Young Ayako Fujitani(Special Thanks) 










 IMDB; http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5017229/?ref_=rvi_nm


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